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Formed from the ashes of 3 Augsburg College graduates, Wayward is dedicated to producing challenging work in equally challenging spaces.  We believe in bringing theatre to our audience.  We produce plays in bars, hotels, mansions, you name it, we will perform in it!

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clowns with purpose

About the founders:

 Sarah Nargang - Co Founder

Sarah Nargang - Co Founder

Sarah’s interest in theatre is as wild as her poorly combed hair. Sarah is a director, producer and actress in town who received her degree in Theatre at Augsburg College; a popular theme. She loves creating weird work with Mike/Tim and is always excited about their next adventures.

 Tim McVean - Co Founder

Tim McVean - Co Founder

Tim is a strange animal-like meatbag dedicated to telling stories and experiencing as much joy as possible.  Tim is primarily an actor with Wayward but also helps out “around the shop.” His wife and dog suffer endlessly through his long winded musings about beef, the internet, and the Vikings. He accidentally graduated from Augsburg College in 2015 when they lowered their standards.  No congratulations necessary.

 Mike Kelley - Co Founder

Mike Kelley - Co Founder

Mike knows he’s not suppose to wear white after Labor day but he’s a rebel. He directs, designs and acts for a number of companies in town but is now proud to be back at it with Sarah and Tim. He too holds a bachelor’s degree from Augsburg College and loves to cuddle up with his wife Leah and a nice glass of scotch when he can find the time.


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