MACBETH - JJ Hill House

Playing Oct 18th - Nov 17th


Full of Scorpions is my mind…

Macbeth, considered by many to be Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, brings us deep into the minds of an ambitious couple, hellbent on power and position. Come see the James J. Hill house like you've never seen it before. Be prepared to move as we utilize four stories of this historic mansion. Set in the 1940’s, we travel throughout the house, bringing the halls of James J Hill’s gorgeous home to life and possibly, a nightmare.

open the door…

The action of the play will start immediately upon entering the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious, James J Hill house. The audience will be treated to an immersive experience unlike anything we have attempted to date.

*** Note: this play will have multiple audience moves. If you need assistance walking or getting up stairs we will have staff to assist. If you are unable to use stairs, there is an elevator available.


Macbeth's reign is bloody and he does not discriminate against VIOLENCE TOWARDS MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, ANYONE. The tyrant uses LOUD NOISES and SUDDEN LIGHT CHANGES to terrorize all who enter. You've been warned....


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Frequently Asked Questions:

There are 2 start times listed, is there any difference?

Not really. The differences are minimal. The first group has a short reception while they wait for the second group to catch up. Both groups end together. Choose wisely…

Do I have to stand?

There are portions of the the play that will require walking to experience. There are some scenes where standing will be more convenient, we will make sure there are chairs available for those who can’t stand for longer periods. (Note: there is no standing in one spot for more than 10 minutes at any point in the show.

Is this show interactive?

Only if you want it to be. If a cast member beckons you somewhere, it’s wise for you to follow them.

Can I wander around the house during the show?

Please, please don’t… We’ll let you know where to be.

Can I buy Pre-sales tickets for the Monday “Pay What You Can Performances?”

No, those tickets are sold at the door ONLY. Show up before the time you would like to see the show. All tickets are on a first come basis, so it’s good to leave yourself some extra time.


Macbeth - Michael Kelley
Lady Macbeth - Sarah Nargang
Macduff - Edwin Strout
Malcolm - Taylor Evans
Banquo - Lucas Gerstner
Witch - Tina Frederickson
Witch - Alessandra Bongiardina
Witch - Megan Daoust
Lady Macduff - Samantha Papke
Duncan / Doctor - William P. Studer
Donalbain / Young Siward - Nick Furlong
Porter - Kip Hathaway
Sergeant / 3rd Murderer / Seyton - Alexander Johnson
Ross - Grant Henderson
Lennox - Avi Aharoni
Menteith / 1st Murderer - Chase Adelsman
Siward / 2nd Murderer - Tim Perfect
Fleance - Tristan Bodin
Son - Aaron Goehle
Ensemble / Gentlewoman - Kim Greene
Ensemble - Ash Martini
Ensemble - Mackenzie Lahren
Ensemble - Laila Sahir
Ensemble - Emily Gustafson

Singer - Meghan Sherer
Pianist - Steven Zubich